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July Newsletter!

Dear Heritage Ridge Residents,

Native Area Maintenance

Our office has received advice from the CSU Horticulture Extension on the recommended maintenance for the native grass areas at Heritage Ridge.

  • The landscaping and native areas in Heritage Ridge were installed according to the approved plan by the Town of Berthoud. This plan was approved prior to any homes being built. Please view a map of the West of 5th Street areas here, and a map of the East of 5th Street areas here.

  • The native grass must grow to be tall enough to drop it's seed heads. This will allow the new grass seed to grow and fill in any bare or weed areas. Once the seed drops, the District will mow all the native grass areas. Native grass is not intended to be maintained like irrigated turf.

  • Throughout the season, the District does 3 weed control sprays, plus additional spot spraying in the native areas.

  • Beauty bands adjacent to sidewalks and fences are kept mowed to allow for access and to keep these areas looking trimmed.

  • As the native grass fills in, it will choke out the weeds, and once thickened enough, research shows that mice and other rodents do not stay in the area. This can take 1-2 years to establish if the area is irrigated, and 2-3 years if it is not irrigated.

  • Native grass does not need much water to grow, which saves the neighborhood money on water rights and irrigation costs.

Please click here to read more information from CSU and other resources regarding native grass areas.

Other Landscaping Notes

  • The District's landscaper will be out within the next week to mow weeds in areas East of 5th Street. They will be trimming along all sidewalk and fence areas throughout Heritage Ridge.

  • There are a few areas West of 5th Street in Heritage Ridge that do not have irrigation currently. The District is working with the landscaper to address problems in these areas to get the irrigation running as soon as possible.

  • Areas West of 5th Street generally follow a MWF watering schedule, beginning at midnight.

  • The District is aware of drainage issues south of Biscayne and is working with the developer on necessary grading.

  • A full walkthrough of the common areas will take place in the coming weeks to identify dead trees, bushes, and other areas needing reseeding or other attention in the common area spaces. Please feel free to send any known items and their specific location our way.

Maintenance Viewer. As of July 11th, we have enabled homeowners logged into the Caliber Portal to view maintenance items in the District. Once you are logged in, simply click the "Maintenance" tab to view common area items. You may click on each item to view the details. If there are specific maintenance items not listed, please contact our office and we will get it added.

Pool Keys & Updates

As of July 11th, anyone who has received key cards but not turned in the Pool Membership Form, Liability Waiver, and/or a minimum $65 payment will have their pool keys deactivated. Please contact Danaly by emailing heritageridge@ccgcolorado.com, or calling / texting (970) 818-5247 if your keys are not working.

Please find the Pool Intro Packet here or at www.heritageridgemd.com/pool which contains the forms needed. Once your paperwork / payments have been gathered, you may drop them off in the black drop box on the North side of the pool, and our office will drop them off at your residence in the location specified on the form. Please do not put cash in the drop box.

A bulletin board and drop box are installed at the pool! If you would like to post anything in the bulletin board, please contact Danaly via the contact information above.

If you visited the pool this past weekend and experienced any closures, we thank you for your patience. The District is in the process of adding a system to the kiddie pool which will self-monitor the chemicals. The large pool is equipped with this system, but rainstorms and a large amount of activity in the pool can affect the pH and chlorine levels to where manual adjustments are needed. We are working diligently with our pool maintenance contractor and the YMCA on streamlining communication and maintenance activities, and are doing our best to keep the pool open as often as possible.

If you see any inappropriate behavior at the pool or have comments regarding the lifeguards, please contact us. We also appreciate any additional details you can provide such as date and time, photos, and/or names. We will be sure to address your concerns promptly.

As a reminder, no pets are allowed in the pool area. If you have a service animal, we ask you to please bring proper identification when at the pool.

The Pool Rules sign will be installed at the pool by early next week.

Lost and Found

We now have a Lost and Found bin at the pool. If any of these items look familiar to you, please come pick them up.

Please feel free to reply to this email with any questions!


Heritage Ridge Metro District - Management Team

Danaly Howe