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Heritage Ridge Pool Update!


April 25, 2019

About 45 days ago, we looked for resident volunteers to work with us on laying out a high-quality pool operation for Heritage Ridge this summer.  We started with 15 volunteers on the Pool Committee, all Heritage Ridge residents.  A core group of residents took the lead in our discussions and two homeowners now share the chairman responsibility.

We set several important goals from the start.

  • First, and most important, we all agreed we wanted the safest possible pool operation.

  • Second, we wanted a strong pool program with lessons and activities for the whole family.

  • Third, we wanted professional management.

  • Fourth, we wanted a pool that was open and available every day of the week from the morning until the early evening.

Currently, the mill levy for Operations and Maintenance is not sufficient to include short- and long-term operations and maintenance of the kind of pool service and operation that the committee and the Metro District Board desires.  For that reason, the Pool Committee and Metro District Board Members have recommended that a Special Facility Fee of $195 for every household will be assessed for the 2019 swim season.  This will cover operations from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  The Fee can be paid in several flexible payment options.  Delivery of key fob access will be provided once a resident pays an initial payment of $65, credited to the $195 total, with the total amount due by August 1, 2019 (or as otherwise approved by the Board). Key fobs may be deactivated if payments plans are not followed; the District will have a policy in place for this to approve at the Board meeting.

There has been some confusion about the use of tax income from the District.  Only a portion of your property tax paid to the District is used for Operations and Maintenance, and pool operations were never included in the Operations and Maintenance budget.  As an example, Operations and Maintenance income from property taxes on a $425,000 home are approximately $65 per month.  The Board believes this is sufficient to maintain, mow and water common areas, trails, walks and parks, but the addition of the pool adds an additional burden that requires a special use fee in order to have a high-quality operation.  The Board does not feel that a volunteer pool operation with more limited hours would be in the best interest of the community.  Without the special use fee, we do not feel the pool can operate as a high-quality amenity with sufficient revenue including reserves for long-term maintenance and repair. St. Aubyn, American Legend and Dreamfinders misunderstood how the pool was planned to be funded, and this has since been straightened out.

After several weeks of discussion, we jointly agreed that third party pool management company was crucial for bringing each of these goals to fruition.  The YMCA was chosen due to their exemplary reputation and wide range of program offerings.

 Highlights of the Special Facility Fee:

  • Management of All Pool Operations will be conducted by the Boulder County YMCA in partnership with CCG as the management company.

  • 2 Key Fobs will be provided for Every Household for pool access, issued by CCG.

  • Up to five guest members will be allowed each day per household.

  • Participation in swim programs offered by the YMCA, (separate fees apply, similar to other YMCA programs in the region).

  • Adult Lap Swim (At your own risk) from 6-8 every morning.

  • Swim team and swim lessons (separate fees apply to the YMCA) from 8-10:30 every morning.

  • Open family swim with lifeguard supervision from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.

  • Residents who desire a private party may rent the pool on Tuesday and Thursday on a first come-first served basis from 5:00 until 9:00 with 3 hours of lifeguarding for $250 for up to 25 people.  There is an additional $15 per hour charge for every additional 25 people.  The main pool has a capacity of 120 people.

Please find attached the adopted 2019 Pool Budget and estimated expenditures for the District, for your review. You can find the full budget on the Documents page.

 Some Additional Information:

Any costs of pool operation in excess of the Special Facility Fee will be paid by the Developer, since we do not yet have a fully occupied community.

Outside members would be allowed on a limited basis.  Rates would be double ($390 per season membership) those assessed to Heritage Ridge homeowners. There will be no daily pass for outside use. Priority would be to Heritage Ridge residents in every case.

We surveyed several other Districts who have pools, and all have a Special Use Fee.  Ours is the lowest by far.  The closest comparable community pool, at Prairie Star, charges a fee of $450 for much more limited service.  The pool will be a great asset to the community, increasing property values and desirability for years to come.

On April 29th at 5:30 p.m. at the Berthoud Community Center, the Pool Committee and Board of Directors will host an open discussion/Q&A session for Heritage Ridge homeowners regarding the Special Facility Fee, after which the Board will be voting on its approval.  All homeowners with questions and comments should attend the meeting and/or send any questions in advance to CCG. Pool Rules and Regulations will also be approved at this meeting and will be sent out to the neighborhood as soon as they are finalized.

We expect to plaster the Pool mid-May and to have the facility open and available by Memorial Day.  We plan on hosting a Grand Opening pool party within a few weeks of pool opening to celebrate these new amenities and help build community in Heritage Ridge. If you haven’t stopped by the pool lately, come by to take a look.   This is a special amenity to your community that was financed largely by contributions from your Builders and the Developer.


Ken Mitchell

President, Heritage Ridge Metropolitan District

Colin McIntyre