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Heritage Ridge Pool Closed Until Tuesday, June 11th

Dear Heritage Ridge Residents,

The Heritage Ridge pool was closed on Saturday due to chemical imbalances in the water. The pool will be closed on Sunday and Monday to allow time to finish work on the pool cleaning, chemicals, and heater. It will reopen on Tuesday, June 11th at 6:00 a.m. Pool furniture should be arrive around this time frame as well. The development team and CCG are working hard so that there are no other maintenance related pool closures for the remainder of the season.

Final work on the pool house will continue once the pool is up and running, with landscaping around the pool to commence shortly after, including the playground, grass, and landscape beds.

For anyone who has not yet gotten their pool key, we will be collecting paperwork at the pool once it reopens on Tuesday, and dropping off keys to residences within 1-2 days. Pool keys will still work when hole-punched, if you prefer to carry yours as a keychain.

For other short term announcements on the pool and other neighborhood items, please visit our District News page on the Heritage Ridge website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Heritage Ridge Metro District - Management Team

Danaly Howe